The future of Real Estate

Inovareal is an app made to provide a comprehensive touch to the whole real estate field.

Whether you are buying, selling, renting or just looking to invest this app will assist you in handling and managing any task from A to Z.

Available for free on both apple and android devices app stores, as well as a web interface for other devices/computers, you can use the app to handle whatever task your interaction requires, with even more advanced features (e.g. legal paperwork, registration etc.) also available with the various optional paid packages.

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InovaReal is a new way of dealing in the world of real estate. We focuse on digitalizing every step you can think of relating to property transaction.
Our staff is composed of professionals originating from different fields. Having many years of experience, each in his own field, all dedicated to provide solutions and improvement. We are all aiming for success of our mission which is called InovaReal.
There are thousands of pages and platforms in real estate, but they offer you just the information and no action. You need to write emails, make calls or arrange meetings yourself. Imagine all that being done for you in just one app. Prepared draft agreements and documents signable online, paid via secured platform. Yes, all that and much more just a few clicks away.
InovaReal is the ultimate solution for the whole spectrum of users. Whether its renters, buyers, sellers or real estate agents looking to manage their inventory. InovaReal aspires to provide just the solutions you need the way you have never experienced them before.
Yes of course, you can download InovaReal to your device free of charge with the basic access to all features. More advanced features are available through subscriptions.
We offer you the best platform you can imagine keeping all your real estate information at one place. Starting from chat, interactive calendar, history of offers, payments and reviews up to the agreements which can be signed online. We save your energy and make your job more efficient.
InovaReal is here as a website as well as an App for Android and Apple devices. When you visit our website, you will find all the instructions on how to use every single part of the platform. It doesn't matter if you just turned 18 or 80 – InovaReal is for everybody!
We at InovaReal development team are putting high effort to keep the security standards at the level of the latest industry leading solutions. We work continuously to upgrade our standards to keep all your data secured and to provide you with full privacy.
InovaReal is a game changer in the world of real estate. There has been nothing like our project yet, and we are happy to learn and grow together with you.